mist net --NYLON MULFILAMENT NETS, black colored, 110d, 4shelves: 6x3m, 15mmsq US$3.00/pc 6x3m, 19mmsq US$2.90/pc 6x3m, 30mmsq US$2.75/pc 9x3m, 15mmsq USD4.00/PC 9x3m, 19mmsq USD3.90/PC 9x3m, 30mmsq USD3.87/PC 12x3m, 15mmsq FOB USD5.10/PC 12x3m,19mmsq USD4.95/PC 12x3m,30mmsq USD4.84/PC 15x3m, 15mmsq US$7.20/pc 15x3m, 19mmsq US$7.10/pc 15x3m, 30mmsq US$6.80/pc all net in 17mmsq black clr with 5 shelves(60cm each selves) 1.materials:nylon mulfilament in 110d/2ply 3mx6m FOB US$3.3/pc 3mx9m US$4.62/pc 3mx12m US$5.72pc 3mx15m US$7.20/pc 2. nylon monofilament nets in 0.08mm diameter 3mx6m US$3.00/pc 3mx9m US$4.20/pc 3mx12m US$5.20/pc 3mx15m US$7.20/pc All net in 19mmsq Black clr with 4shelves, with polytwinedia1mm aboud 4sides and shelf Sizes:2.20x6m USD1.55/pc 2.20x20m USD4.56/pc 9m USD1.94/pc 2.20x24m USD5.42/pc 12m USD2.71/pc 2.20x30m USD6.20/pc 15m USD3.10/pc Constructed nylon mono filament stone clr with UV stabilized dia0.08x19mmsqx3.1mx15.5mtrs 4shelves FOB US$8.00/pc MOQ:at1000pcs for each size. Available for catching the birds. When ordering, pls present teh authority letter